VOLKSWAGEN AUTONOMY (2019)  Aktiv/Schwebend

Die Marke VOLKSWAGEN AUTONOMY wurde als Wortmarke am 23.10.2019 im Markenregister Amerika (USPTO) angemeldet. Der aktuelle Status der Marke lautet "Aktiv/Schwebend". Die Marke wurde in den folgenden Nizza-Klassen bzw. in den folgenden Waren- und Dienstleistungsbereichen eingetragen: 09

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MarkenamtAmerika (USPTO)
Waren- und Dienstleistungen


Scientific, research, navigation, surveying, photographic, cinematographic, audiovisual, optical, weighing, measuring, signalling, detecting, testing, inspecting, life-saving and teaching apparatus and instruments, namely spectrometers and parts and fittings therefor, navigation apparatus for boats, photographic flashbulbs, cinematographic projectors, weighing scales, rain gauges, electrical annunciators, apparatus for checking flight parameters, life-saving rafts
Apparatus and instruments for conducting, switching, transforming, accumulating, regulating or controlling the distribution or use of electricity, namely resistors for distributing or controlling electric current, semiconductor wafers, electric circuit switches, electrical transformers, electric accumulators, voltage regulators for electric power, electrical controllers
Apparatus and instruments for recording, transmitting, reproducing or processing sound, images or data
Recorded and downloadable media being computer software for use in database management and for use in the autonomous driving, operation, control, and navigation of vehicles
blank digital or analogue recording and storage media
Information technology and audiovisual equipment, namely receivers, telephones, automobile navigation systems
Magnets, magnetizers and demagnetizers
Apparatus and instruments for electricity, namely electric transistors, voltage transformers, and cables for electricity
Optical devices, enhancers and correctors, namely optical condensers, binoculars, optical corrector lenses
Safety, security, protection and signalling devices in the nature of vehicle safety devices, namely, back-up sensors and cameras, LCD monitors for security purposes, eye covers for protective purposes, emergency warning lights
Diving equipment, namely scuba diving masks, weight belts for scuba diving, scuba snorkels, scuba goggles, regulators for use in scuba diving
Navigation, guidance, tracking, targeting and map making devices, namely navigation apparatus for vehicles, GPS navigation device
Measuring, detecting and monitoring instruments, indicators and controllers, namely instruments for detecting, monitoring and measuring two-dimensional distribution of force and pressure
Automatic indicators of low pressure in vehicle tyres
Mileage recorders for vehicles
Scientific research and laboratory apparatus, educational apparatus and simulators, namely centrifuges, homogenizers, cupels, simulators for driving or control of vehicles
Eyewear, Spectacle cases, Binoculars, Magnifying glasses
Vehicle breakdown warning triangles
Vehicle breakdown warning lamps for vehicles
Batteries, electric and theirs parts, Accumulators, electric and their parts, Fuel cells and their parts, Solar batteries
Batteries, electric, for vehicles
Chargers for Batteries, electric
Burglar alarms
Fire alarms, Smoke alarms, gas alarms
Fire extinguishers
Spirit levels
Compasses for measuring
Measuring rulers, Acid hydrometers, Quantity indicators, namely fuel gauges
Electronic control devices and power supplies for the operative on automotive headlights and their parts, Light-emitting diodes, Electronic power controllers
Electric and Electronic controllers, regulating apparatus and control instruments being electronic power controllers
Simulators for the steering and control of vehicles
Voltage regulators for vehicles
Speed indicators
Revolution counters
Measuring apparatus and Measuring instruments being distance measuring apparatus, sizers for automobile parts
Life saving apparatus and equipment, namely, Life-saving rafts, Fire escapes, Safety nets, Safety tarpaulins, Life belts, Life buoys, Life jackets
Electrical fuses, Relays, electric
Laser, not for medical purposes, Laser pointers
Remote control apparatus being electronic key fobs
Remote controls for starters for vehicles
Navigation apparatus for vehicles being on-board computers
Mobile telephones
Telephone apparatus
Television apparatus for projection purposes
Video telephones
Directional compasses, Navigating apparatus and navigational instruments for vehicles
Telematic apparatus, namely, wireless Internet devices which provide telematic services and have a cellular phone function
Telematic terminal apparatus, namely, wireless Internet devices for tracking vehicles
Magnetical, electronical and optical recording medias, namely phonograph records featuring music, Blank compact discs, DVDs and other digital recording medias in the nature of blank magnetic and optical discs, Sound recording carriers being blank CD-ROMs for sound recording, Juke boxes, musical, Blank compact discs, Downloadable music files, Headphones, Loudspeakers, Cabinets for loudspeakers, Signs, luminous, Compact disc players, DVD players, Video telephones, Phototelegraphy apparatus
Television projection apparatus, Cameras, Camera films, exposed
Exposed camera film, cameras, Photocopiers, Electronical Translation apparatus being computers, Electronic pocket translator
Encoded magnetic identity cards, Blank integrated circuit cards, Encoded telephone calling cards
Coin-operated mechanisms
Automated teller machines
Cash registers, Calculating machines
Data processing apparatus
Electronic agendas
Facsimile machines
Monitors, namely computer monitors, voice display monitors
Computer peripheral devices
Recorded computer programs for use in the autonomous driving of vehicles
Recorded computer programs for use in the autonomous navigation of vehicles
Downloadable computer programs for use in autonomous control of vehicles
Computer programs, recorded and downloadable, especially electronic data compilation for use in navigation of autonomous vehicles
Computer Software Platform, downloadable for use in database management and for use in the autonomous driving, operation, control, and navigation of vehicles
Downloadable application software for mobile phones, namely software for use in database management and for use in the autonomous driving, operation, control, and navigation of vehicles
pocket calculators
Downloadable electronic publications, namely manuals, brochures, and magazines in the field of automobiles
Downloadable image files containing images of vehicles
Crash test dummies
Cables, electric
Electric socket outlets
Igniting apparatus, electric, for igniting at a distance, namely keyless ignition switch system for automotive vehicles comprised of a microprocessor, electronic signal receiver, and key fob with electronic signal transponder
Radiological apparatus for industrial purposes radioactivity measuring apparatus
Head protection being protective helmets
Electronic locks
Electronic controllers and Electronic control systems being electronic power controllers
Security tokens, namely security token hardware, Electronic security token in the nature of a fob-like device used by an authorized user of a computer system to facilitate authentication
Electronic access control systems for interlocking doors
Thermal imaging cameras
Scales with body mass analysers
Covers for tablet computers
Electronic black boxes for recording data
Digital weather station instruments
Charging stations for electric vehicles
Interactive touch screen terminals
Smart rings
Electric and electronic effects units for musical instruments
Audio interfaces
Equalizers being audio apparatus
Electronic parking sensors for vehicles
Teaching robots
Humanoid robots with artificial intelligence
Personal digital assistants
Rearview cameras for vehicles
Electric wiring harnesses for vehicles
Telecommunication apparatus in the nature of wireless receivers in the form of jewellery
Data gloves
Structual parts and fittings of all aforesaid goods, included in this class
Class 042 IT services, namely, software development, programming and implementation, Computer hardware development
web site hosting services
software as a service featuring software for use in database management and for use in the autonomous driving, operation, control, and navigation of vehicles, and rental of software
Rental of computer hardware and facilities being data centers
IT consultancy, advisory and information services, IT security in the nature of protection and recovery of computer data
Data duplication and conversion services being conversion of data or documents from physical to electronic media
data coding services
Computer system analysis and diagnostics testing, Research and development and implementation of computers and computer software systems
Computer project management services, digital watermarking
computer services being technological services relating to computer hardware systems for computer and computer network services
updating of software for the memory banks of computer systems
Data Migration Services, Updating websites for others, Monitoring computer systems remotely to detect breakdowns
Monitoring of computer systems for security purposes, namely for detecting unauthorized access or data breach
Data encryption services
Consultancy in the field of data security
Data security consultancy
Science and technology services, namely software design and development in the field of computer software
Testing of computer software, authentication of digital certificates and quality control, namely monitoring of the web sites of others to improve their performance
Industrial design services
Industrial analysis and research services in the field of automotive vehicles
Industrial design styling
Product development and research services for new products for third parties
Provision of scientific information, advice and consultancy in relation to carbon offsetting
Digitization of documents
Technical research in the field of automotive vehicles
Chemical research
Biological research
Weather forecasting
Research in the field of physics
Architectural services
Fashion design, namely fashion design services
Authenticating works of art
Cloud seeding
Software design for others
Consulting and information relating to the abovementioned services, included in this class
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